A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas

I’ve been mulling over the story since it ended and trying to digest and process it, but I honestly don’t think I have enough thoughts on it to form an extensive review.

A Court of Mist and Fury left me hungry and in withdrawals for more of this world and series. I couldn’t engage in any other book I attempted, so I finally gave in and bought A Court of Wings and Ruin. Considering how busy my schedule has been, I flew through this pretty quickly. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about beginning this book, because part of me expected to not like the story since I had already read that some people who didn’t enjoy ACOTAR but enjoyed ACOMAF (like myself) did not like the third installment. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case and I’m happy to report that this was a good read. It definitely wasn’t on the same level of ACOMAF, but maybe nothing in this series ever will be either. It was enjoyable but there really was’t anything extraordinary about it. 

I felt like the beginning was slow and Maas could’ve done so much more with the plot where the Spring Court and Feyre were concerned. I didn’t see the point in anything she did or why it was necessary that she stay there in the first place. I didn’t enjoy the fact that Rhys and her weren’t able to communicate. I honestly think that if they had been able to it could’ve heightened the story, and they could’ve plotted a concrete plan that would’ve developed the plot a bit better. 

Unlike ACOMAF, ACOWAR seemed all over the place with many scenes feeling kind of unnecessary. I feel like the war, which i thought would be the whole point of this book, only lasted a hundred pages and the other six hundred before it didn’t gather any anticipation or anxiety on my end. I definitely think that the stakes could’ve been played out better and there could’ve just overall been a lot more action and relevancy woven throughout the book.

I was also disappointed with the Mor situation. I could obviously be wrong, but the whole scene just seemed out of character and forced on to the reader. She just grabbed Feyre and fed her an entire biography of sorts that felt more like the author talking than the character. It felt like a ruse to add diversity but not something genuine, and I just don’t buy that she would lead Azriel on for five hundred freakin years. (Especially if he’s a spymaster

I also wish Rhys would’ve had more of a presence in this book. I felt like I lost him somewhere along the story, and I really didn’t enjoy page 666 whatsoever. It seemed too forced and I’m just sick and tired of seeing the same scene play out in every YA book. 
This sounds like I didn’t enjoy it, but I really did love and lose myself in parts of this book. It was a great story but I just think that when compared to ACOMAF, I expected more from it than maybe reasonable.

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