This Song Will Save Your Life


Will you look at that? It’s one of my all-time favorite books.

I’ll start off by saying this is in no way shape or form going to be a formal review. If anything, it’ll be more of a general life update…sort of. But first, let’s address the book since that is supposed to be the focal point.

If you’ve had a rough summer, a general rough life, or maybe you just love music, pretty please with a cherry on top pick this up.

If you didn’t know, This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales follows Elise Dembowski a high school student who’s had a lifetime struggle of fitting in. After a failed suicide attempt, Elise comes across an underground music scene. It’s there that she stumbles upon genuine friends and more importantly her love of music. Through music she’s able to find meaning to her life and finally find a place in which she belongs.

I’m definitely due for a reread. It’s been well over a year since I first read this, and I unfortunately was way too overwhelmed at the time to be able to formulate a coherent review. Just know that it’s one of my most precious books and one I’ve related to the most. It physically hurt me and yet I loved it so much, which might make me a masochist, but that’s an avenue we can explore another day!


Jeez, oof okay, long time no see. But hey, I figured a full two months later is a good time as any to return?

So the summer of 2019 brought forth the biggest reading slump I’ve had in a hot minute. As in no tbrs, no desire to read, no reading for fun, and hardly any book photography. See, I reached my reading goal of 52 books in the beginning of the summer. This particular timing is usually a secret goal of mine, so that I may have enough time to bump my yearly goal to 100 books, because I’m an overachiever (sue me). However, this round rather than feeling excitement, I felt a huge sigh of relief take over at the thought of not having to read any more, which was shortly combatted by an immense sense of lethargy toward reading.

This inevitably was a vey troubling and overall confusing period for me. I mean, for the past couple of years reading has been a consistent part of my routine. It’s what I do on my breaks, or while I wait on sets, but more importantly it’s been my lifelong coping mechanism and escapism. (Psst, did all of that therapy lingo make you want to throw up? Me too dude.)

So as this summer has brought forward plenty of trials and tribulations, which I won’t go into because boring (!), I’ve missed the security blanket of reading. These last couple of weeks have been particularly difficult for me, but I’ve also slowly been crawling out of my slump. I’ve read more consistently and from a generally more genuine place. For the first time in a while I’m excited to tackle my untouched TBR. I won’t lie: the state of my reading life is still too fresh and fragile for me to make any sort of promises, but I’m hoping this is the beginning of my return to the reading and reviewing world.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t take another two months for me to post on here.

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