It’s really more of a 2.5 stars.

If you’re looking for the next Lunar Chronicles this isn’t your stop. However if you’re interested in a lot of corn, cliche romance, and surface-level banter/squabbles, then I’d say go ahead and take a gander. 

Renegades by Marissa Meyer explores the world of superheroes and villains in the vainest sense. Like past Meyer books, this falls on the lower end of YA in terms of maturity, which is by no means a diss. Rather, everything is done with a lot of heart and fixed in the simplest ways, and hey sometimes that’s just what you need. But that wasn’t enough to capture my heart. 

I consider the Lunar Chronicles a wholesome series. Sure, every character pairs off with their prince charming, and none of them cuss, or seem to know about the devil’s tango, but it’s all good fun and accomplished in a thorough engaging plot. Renegades, not so much. 

In the beginning, Renegades bore a strong resemblance to the Incredibles. Meaning, you’re not going to find some high level action Marvel stunt, but you do get a vivid colorful view of a world filled with superheroes who bear corny names. Honestly, for the first sixty pages I was pretty much in love. As in I had a serious crush on this book.There was a lot of heart and things to gush about, but then the action stopped.

The book started to drag, every character besides Nightmare was a flat piece of cardboard (yes even the second MC Adrian), and I couldn’t help but wonder where the hell the plot went. Because somehow we started off with a bang, but then the next five hundred pages consisted of them staking out a place, and then going on a date??? Like seriously what the hell was that about? I don’t think I’m insane in thinking a book with maybe two minor action plot points does not need to be more than 500 pages. You can’t even argue that it’s because it’s character drive, because like I mentioned before, the characters were flat with no more personality than their stale hero/villain names. 

Overall, I am disappointed and as much as I would have loved to love this I didn’t. The idea was there, but the execution not so much. As of now, I don’t see myself continuing with the series especially if it means investing in another nearly 600 pages of nothing.

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