Love and Other Words


I’m mad. Mad at this stupid book for making me feel stupid things. 

Started and finished this on Valentine’s day, because I thought to myself do I want a relationship? No, but could I vicariously live through one? Sure. And for about half way through everything was fine. I thought this might even be a five star. You didn’t read that wrong: I was going to give a romance five stars. It seemed to have all my favorite tropes:

The softest of soft boys
Friends to lovers
Slow burn 

There was even a mystery aspect, but friends if it sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is. I delved deeper into this, and like any new relationship, started to see its flaws. I said to myself M, this is a tad problematic, a tad unrealistic, are we really gonna let that slide? Then, I told myself to stop talking to myself, and decided to lower the rating to a four in my head. 

But then this dinkleberg of a book decided to do me dirty. The big freakin’ mystery is revealed and I AM NOT HERE FOR IT . Seriously, what the hell did I just read? You’re telling me I fell in love with this dumb harlott, only for it to come in left field with some 1-star worthy nonsense? What kind of bad karma did I reap in a past life, to get so royally screwed over in this one?

I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU. And you’re really gonna throw it back in my face like that? Is that the kind of love we cultivated? Sure, let’s throw all caution to the wind: let’s completely act out of character, let’s trivialize horrendous actions made by the love interest, because aren’t we all overreacting? 

There are two major plot twists in the last forty or so pages, and I feel like the authors added the second one because they thought the first one wouldn’t be enough? But I feel like the first one was enough for any self-respecting person to say, You know what? This ain’t it, chief. Then, blast some Lemonade by Beyonce and throw their deuces up before getting the hell out. Instead, the MC decides it’s all in the past, as in meaningless, and why not make love and move in together in the span of ten days? Because if we’re going to mess up: let’s really mess up. 

Honestly, I’m just mad I wrote this review. This was supposed to be a gush fest where I admit my shriveled heart can fall in love and claim a romance novel as five-stars worthy. Instead, I’m left bitter and resentful, but maybe that’s the true spirit of Valentine’s Day????? Whatever, still my fav Christina Lauren book thus far. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to get love high for 300 or so pages, and then feel like a big pile of garbage for the next hundred :))))

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